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Client collaboration is a valued part of the process for Coco Blake Interior Design and we do everything we can to ensure our clients are satisfied with the standard and quality of work. Read on to see what former clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

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I'm so happy with the end result. I originally hired Maria to organize my office because it was just a mess and I felt so cramped and she ended up doing such a great job making my office a place where I could easily find what I needed that I decided to have her design the office with fresh furniture and some art to help me focus too. I really love going in there every morning with my coffee (I work from home) and it feels like I'm actually going to work instead of just going into the next room to log in.

Caroline Wharton

Can I just say first that I'm someone who is always weary about hiring people that do things that I feel like I can do.. I tried DIYing my design theme in my house by watching YouTube and following some blogs and it was just a disaster- it took me a while before I decided that I wanted to hire someone to help me because I kept thinking I could figure it out- after hiring Maria, it became clear to me that I should have done that from the beginning. This was just the BEST experience and I look forward to inviting people over all the time- I'd now rather host a dinner party than meet people at a restaurant and it's amazing.

Rob Brighton

Maria brought wonderful insight into the project and her grace in executing the design and keeping us up to date on the entire process was much appreciated.

Xiang Zhou

Ahhhh!!! I don't even know what to say! I love how Maria came in and just turned everything around. I literally never thought this was possible. I heard from a friend who lives in NY that they hired an interior designer to fix up their space because they were having trouble keeping a playroom from overflowing into their whole house so I decided to do it too because theirs turned out so nicely.. I love this. I never even knew this was what I needed but now I couldn't imagine living without it.

Jessica McGrath

AWESOME and I give 5 stars all around- if I could give more stars I would! Maria is so kind and sat down with me and genuinely wanted to hear what I thought before even starting on the design to make it fit my life instead of just coming out of a magazine. Love it.

Meredith Wagner

Because of my husbands job, our family moves every few years. This was the first time we used a concierge moving service. Maria and her team took the stress out of moving and facilitated everything from beginning to end. This was the best moving experience we have ever had!

Terry Freeman

I enjoy my organized closet every day. Everything has a home and it is an easy system to use. I can tell it has been designed with a well thought out plan and I can find everything I need.

Anandita Reddy Laksh

Wonderful job- they used what we had to really turn everything around and now even our junk drawer is organized and I love it. Thank you!

Sheryl Johnson

My wife and I are so pleased with the services we received. We worked with an interior designer when we lived in Maryland years ago and didn't feel nearly as revived as we do after working with Maria. We will definitely be calling back for our bonus room!

Walter Hammond

Hi Maria! I wanted to say thank you for everything that you did- you're such a great person to work with and I'm glad that you let me be a part of the process! You're truly amazing!!! I love my new living room and look forward to relaxing on my new sofa every night with my cup of tea and my evening read!!

Riley Keller

Trust your project to a professional. Contact Coco Blake Interior Design today to start.

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